Best Free Website Builders in 2019

Best Free website builders
Best Free website builders

Nowadays websites have become an identity of people or organizations. So you may have the intention to build a stunning website. Everyone is not a tech guy having enough knowledge in coding and all other stuff that are necessary to build a website.

The web development cost has become very costly. Developers are charging min $25 per hour. So with a limited budget, everyone cannot afford this. So what is the option left?

You can build stunning websites with website builders without any knowledge of programming knowledge. Actually, these are made for this reason only. Individuals and small businesses owners can build an online presence without breaking the bank.

After hearing this, your curiosity may be at the next level. In this article, we will cover the Best Free website builders. So let’s dive into it.

What is a website builder?

Before going to discuss anything long on Best Free website builders, let’s start from the root. What is website builder first?

In simple term, a website builder is an all-in-one tool that let the users build a site quickly. All the necessary things that are needed to develop a website is available here. It does not need any coding knowledge or site design skills.

Website builders basically have drag-and-drop features that let you customize the elements on a page. Website builders are available in both online and offline formats. The vital difference is being an internet connection.

Online website builders do not require any software to download. They easily work through a web browser. On the other hand, offline website builders come with downloadable software programs. So your computer hosts all your files until you are ready to upload them to the web host.

It sounds very basic, but a good website builder can able to design a professional looking website and also mobile-friendly. The best website builder can able to fulfill any type of needs like e-commerce store to a company website.

Anyone can use and build a website with the help of website builder software. But these people are very much intended. Need to launch a website quickly, have a small design budget, don’t have coding knowledge, immediate need of a website etc.

Things to look for in the best website builder

Before going to the list of Best Free website builders consider some important things. What should you look for when you are going to choose one? Consider these things.

  • Setup process: Choose a website builder who takes 5 min to set up and running. Some site builders come with have a very complicated setup process.
  • Ease of Use: You head towards website builder for its ease of use. Always look for a simple and user-friendly interface. Hence it allows you to build a nice website without having website-building experience. Avoid the learning curves and just start building a site As soon as possible.
  • Quality templates: A cheap-looking website can be the spot from a mile away. So choose a website builder that has a variety of high-quality and professional-looking templates. Also, check the cleanness of the template and must be attractive. Avoid the website builders having cheap looking designs basic designs.
  • Uptime and load time: This is the most important thing to consider when you’rein search of Best Free website builders. The website builder should always up and running and loads fast. Some site builders have very high load time and require fast internet connectivity which is not possible every time.
  • Pricing: It is also an important factor to check. Because we have a limited budget that’s why we are with website builders. Otherwise, we can go with the developers. So compare the prices and the feature among the various providers.
  • Enough customization options: The website builders come with hundreds of template. It does not mean those are perfect for everyone’s need. The best website builder should give you the freedom to play with the designs. From fonts, text styles, or color schemes etc.
  • Image editor: Pictures say a thousand words. You already know this. Visuals attract eyes and increase engagement. Check that the website builder is providing a basic editing tool or not. Also, check the royalty-free stock photos library. So craft your images with the one-stop-shop photo editor.
  • Quick updates: Have you heard a hundred times that“Content is king”?So your website contents, need to be regularly published and updated. So that you get some traffic coming to your website (Although publish and updating is not enough. It needs SEO also). Make sure your website builder makes the process easy.
  • Domain and email options: Domain name and a branded email address is an identity of a brand. Choose a website builder that provides support for domains and email registration.
  • Social compatibility: Social media platforms are a great way for brand awareness and drive traffic to your website. Your site builder should aware of this and allow you to link to them and display social media icons. It helps the visitors to spread to the rest of the world. Make sure your builder is providing a seamlessly integrated ration of social platforms or not.
  • Form builders: Forms are an easy way to interact with the audience. It is also handy to collect data from users. Ensure that the website builder has the option to create stunning forms. And moreover, the forms should compactable with the existing template
  • Support: Support is one of the vital things in any service. The support team of website builder should be ready always for you. Whenever you will face any trouble, they can solve it.

Best Free website builders

As of now, we have some basic idea about website builders. Based on the above ideas I have tested and collected some of the Best Free website builders.

Without further delay, let’s dive into

1: is also a famous name in this space. So it is also a must-havea member in the Best Free website builders list.

Site123 Website Builder
Site123 Website Builder

Site123comes with many impressive features that can help to design a professional website.

Their last six-month average uptime is 99.99% and the load time is 777ms.
Their template library contains basic portfolio sites for photographers to full-fledged e-commerce stores. They have adedicated help section just for e-commerce sites.

They have also free and paid plans available. The Premium plan costs $10.80 per month. It includes 10GB storage, 5GB bandwidth, free domain for 1 year and E-commerce support. You can also connect your existing domain.

The customer support is also good. But they are pushing links without giving the appropriate answer.

2: is a well-known face in the website builder industry. It has a user base of more than 40 million.

Weebly Website Builder
Weebly Website Builder

Weeblyconsists ofthousands of temples. You can find a very basic design to pro level e-commerce designs.They’re easy to use and drag and drop feature helps beginners to build a stunning website in minutes.

Their last six-month average uptime is 99.64% and the load time is 947ms.
The customer support is fare. They only provide live chat support.

They have both free and premium plans. Theirs connect plan costs $5 per month when billed annually. It includes 500 MB storage, free SSL, free domain. This plan will display Weebly ads on your website.

3: is one of the most popular and best website builder in this industry. Currently, it hosts more than 35 million websites.

WordPress Website Builder
WordPress Website Builder

However, is not same as the self-hosted Please check the comparison of vs for more details.

Our team shortlisted Best WordPress Hosting Providers if you want to buy web hosting for your website.

There are both free and paid plans available. All plans allow you to choose hundreds of free and premium WordPress themes. You can customize your site title, widgets, navigation menus, and so on. It is not like other website builders drag and drop feature. It is also a free online website builder.

Their last six-month average uptime is 100% and the load time is 373ms.

The customer support is fare. They provide live chat option but not that much efficient.

The personal plan costs $5 per month. It includes a free domain for one year, 6GB storage space and live chat support.

4: GoDaddy Website Builder        

Any Best Free website builders list is incomplete without GoDaddy website builder. It has a giant user base.

Godaddy Website Builder
Godaddy Website Builder

They have hundreds of pre-designed template waiting for customization. They have very clean and easy to use user interface. The drag and drop features are also pro level.

Their last six-month average uptime is 99.99% and the load time is 260ms.

The customer support is also good. They also provide a live chat feature you can solve your queries quickly.GoDaddymay be the only site builders that offer free one month trial.

Their personal plan costs $5.99 per month. It includes free hosting, free SSL etc.

5: is one of the most reputable names in the website builder space. It is the must-have a member of the Best Free website builders list. Website Builder Website Builder

SiteBuilder comes with many impressive features that can help to design a professional website.

Their last six-month average uptime is 99.99% and the load time is 701ms.
There are 1,200+ premium templates ready to use. Each template is easy to customize as well with drag and drop.

It is also helpful to build a pro-level e-commerce store with its separate plan. The user interface is clean and easy to use. You start building your first site with with just some mouse clicks.

The Pro plan costs $3.84 per month. It includes free hosting, free domain for one year and no ads to your website.

They provide live chat customer support. They did not provide a link to a bunch of support docs during the live chat.

6: is also among the Best Free website builders. According to data, over 109 million websites have been created with Wix. Currently, they have over 2.87 million paying subscribers.

Wix Website Builder
Wix Website Builder

Wix has also a big library of site templates. It can help any level of a designer like a beginner to pro. They provide many customization options.

Their last six-month average uptime is 99.93% and the load time is 613ms.

Wix is one of the leading drag-and-drop website builders in this industry.The site building process is smooth and very satisfying.

The combo plan costs $11 per month. It includes 2GB bandwidth, 3GB storage, free domain for 1 Year. You can connect your own domain.

The customer support is also good. There is no online live chat support in it.

7: is also among the best website builder in this space. As company a private company, they did not disclose exactly registered users they have. According to a data they have over 1 million paying subscribers.

Squarespace Website Builder
Squarespace Website Builder

Squarespace also has a huge collection of the premium template. There is various customization option. The drag and drop interface is also useful for beginners.
Their last six-month average uptime is 99.99% and the load time is 403ms.

They have also nice features especially e-commerce development. The live chat support is not great. They ask some questions before heard your question.

The personal plan costs $12 per month. It includes unlimited bandwidth and storage, free SSL, free domain for I year.

Best Free Website Builders Comparison

We have listed all the Best Free website builders above. Let’s make a tabular representation and compare each other.

Web BuilderUptimeSpeedPriceSupport
5 Star Rate
5 Star Rate
5 Star Rate
5 Star Rate
4 Star Rate
4 Star Rate
4 Star Rate
4 Star Rate
GoDaddy 99.99%260ms$5.99
4 Star Rate
4 Star Rate

Final Thoughts

This is a recommended list of Best Free website builders. You may have heard some name before and some may new to you.

Overall, the website builders are a great way to build a professional website for beginners and small business owners.

If you have a low budget and can’t afford the development price, then you can go with this easy to use site builders.

After reading this list, which website builder you are going to choose? Comment below and let me know in the comment section.


  1. Thank you for this detailed comparison, team!
    I’d also recommend Pixpa. Though its not free, but is definitely one of the easiest platforms that I’ve worked with. I’m still under their free trial and haven’t yet explored its full capabilities, but would definitely recommend it based on my current experience.


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